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This heritage website has been designed by Nigel Owen a

former resident of Pietermaritzburg who was a mechanic at

Kempster Kingslea and part of their racing division with their

Vauxhall Viva GT driven by the late Ray Emond.


An avid racing fan and petrol head who raced at the Roy

Hesketh Circuit back in the good old days of the 60s and 70s.


Nigel has now retired to Spain after running his own engine

buissness in the UK. This site is designed for fans and drivers

alike with fond memories of the Roy Hesketh Circuit.


If you have any info images or memorabilia you would like to

share on the site we would be grateful to use them.  We will

accredit you for you donation of images and stories.

Please send them to nigel@royheskethcircuit.com