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    Formula Racing Car Photo Gallery


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    Sam Tingle in the LDS-Climax 2.7 that was based on a Brabham BT7/11 at the Easter Races 1967.

    (Courtesy of Michael Compton)


















    John Love in his Cooper Climax Easter Races 1967.






















    Luki Botha burning rubber at the start in his Brabham-Repco, John Love(1) Cooper-Climax and Dave Charlton Brabham-Repco Coronation 100 27th. March 1967.

    (Courtesy of Michael Compton)

















    Start line Coronation 100 7 April 1969 Jackie Pretorius Lola-T140(8)Retired

    Basil van Rooyen-Brabham BT24(3)1st

    John Love Lotus-49(1)2nd

    John McNicol Lola-T142(4)3rd.

    (Courtesy of Basil van Rooyen)














    Jackie Pretorius takes Doug Serrurier's F5000 Lola-Ford through Angels Angle in April 1968. A larger-than-life character and a lovely guy who survived years of being a stunt driver, sports car driver with international success and a single seater driver . Jackie Pretorius died in Johannesburg aged 74 on 30 March 2009, after being in a coma for three weeks after he was brutally attacked in his home early on a Friday morning by intruders. His wife Shirley died in a similar incident in the same house several years earlier by the same intruder. May they both rest in peace.















    Sam Tingle gets a lift from Jackie Pretoris. Car 5 is the McLaren Ford of Bob Olthoff and car 11 is John McNicol, Easter Races 1968


















    John Love a humble man refilling his own car in 1970.

    (Courtesy of Gary Mengel. Image by Geoff Mengel who raced Karts at Hesketh)

















    Bob Olthoff in his McLaren Ford M3A April 1968. It was built out of parts from his McLaren sports car and a crashed M3A from the UK.(Courtesy of Michal Compton)




















    Celebrations as Basil van Rooyen recieves the winners trophy in the Brabham-Repco BT24 at the Natal Winter Trophy 22 June 1968 Sam Tingle was 2nd and Jackie Pretorious 3rd. (Courtesy of Basil van Rooyen)

    (Image by Robert Young)


















    10.This was Jack Brabham's own BT24, the last F1 with the Australian Repco engine in 1968. Basil van Rooyen got it with STP sponsorship after the 1968 SA GP in which Basil was offered his first single seater drive by the late great John Love in his old Cooper Climax. The plan after a satisfactory showing was to take and go into F1 in SA and take on John Love in his Brabham Repco and the several other Brabham Repcos in the SA F1 championship. John Love promptly got the Lotus 47B Cosworth. Basil was fortunate to get his first F1 victories in Cape Town, Roy Hesketh and in Bulawayo, when the Lotus had niggles, otherwise seconds. Then for 1969 Basil got the McLaren M7B Cosworth, to be on even terms.(Caption Basil van Rooyen)









    From left, Ross Tosen (MD Repco SA), Basil van Rooyen & Gordon Littleford (Mechanic) with the Brabham-Repco BT24 in 1968.

    (Courtesy of Basil van Rooyen)















    Basil van Rooyen with his Repco Brabham at the E.C Repco stand in Australia in 2007 (Courtesy of Basil van Rooyen)


















    Basil van Rooyen going through Beacon in the Brabham-Repco at the Easter races in 1968 Basil had to Retire due to overheating. (Image by Robert Young)

    (Courtesy of Basil van Rooyen)


















    Dave Charlton(7) leads John McNicol(11) then John Love(1) at Henry's Knee down to Quarry. F1 non championship races 12th July 1970.






















    Dave Charlton braking for Quarry in the F1 non championship races 12th July 1970.





















    John Love in the March, Braking for Quarry, F1 non championship races 1970.


























    Dave Charlton testing before the F1 non championship races weekend 12th July 1970.


























    Sam Tingle in the Brabham BT24 Repco 740 April 1968.























    19.John Love in his Brabham BT33 c1972.

    (Image by Ivan Butterfield)






















    The ex-Des Jenkin Moriat leads Reg Henderson M.G. Special, Ron Korte ex-Don Illing M.G. Special inside and John Peate ex Les Miller MG Special Jasper.



















    John Love looking on as Gordon Jones tweeks the Cooper-Climax Easter races 1967. (Courtesy of Michael Compton)














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    20th Coronation 100 Championship Race, 30 March 1964 2x33 lap heats 119 miles (192.7km)

    Two of the Starters for the previous race, the Rand Autumn Trophy, were missing from the entry list for this race, Brausch Niemann and Bob Hay; and two others, Sam Tingle and Ray Reed, did not appear on the starting grid.

    However the remaining 11 starters were boosted by an additional 8 competitors; Clive Trundell (Clitrun Climax), Pieter Kleynhans (Cooper Alfa), John Rowe (Lotus 7 Ford), Jack Holme (Lotus 18 Climax), Jurgen Niemann (Lotus 23 Alfa), Dave Charlton (Lotus 20 Ford), Gordon Henderson (Scorpion Alfa) and Scuderia Scribante's ex Lederle Lotus 21 Climax, with Lionel Rowe at the wheel. Trevor Blokdyk was back in the Cooper Maserati.

    Ernie Pieterse was on pole, with a time of 1m 17.0s, and shared the front row again with Peter de Klerk and John Love. Doug Serrurier was in the second row with Dave Charlton (probably the best grid position yet for his Lotus 20 Ford).

    At the start of Heat 1 de Klerk seemed to have a slight edge over the other two front rankers, but going down to Quarry bend the three of them were virtually in line abreast and the spectators held their breath, but at the last moment Pieterse braked, followed by Love and then de Klerk, who managed to hold his car in the bend and emerged in the lead, with Love second and Pieterse third. Serrurier was close on their heels, followed by Puzey, Blokdyk and Charlton.

    On lap 5 Love got past de Klerk and they both started to pull away form Pieterse and the rest. Pieterse's car started to overheat, slowing him down. On lap 11 he dropped back behind Serrurier and then retired on lap 14. Blokdyk was putting pressure on Puzey until he spun and was passed by both Charlton and Lionel Rowe. Charlton then had Puzey in his sights and slipped past him on lap 20. Two laps later Puzey retired with a bent valve, so the order then was Love, de Klerk, Serrurier, Charlton, Lionel Rowe, Blokdyk and Blignaut; but not for long as Rowe dropped out with a puncture not many laps later.

    Only a few laps from the finish Serrurier's brakes grabbed at BP bend and he spun off the road, damaging his air intake, but he managed to nurse his car home, retaining 3rd place, with Charlton 4th, Blokdyk 5th and Blignaut 6th. Love set the fastest lap - a new record at 1m 17.9s (83.3 mph or 152km/h)

    For Heat 2 the cars lined up on the Starting Grid in the order in which they had finished Heat 1, so Love, de Klerk and Serrurier occupied the front row. Serrurier (with his car hastily repaired) was first away, but was passed by Love into BP bend and was then attacked by Charlton who was holding off de Klerk at the same time.

    On lap 9 Charlton and de Klerk both passed Serrurier on the straight and, a few laps later, after one or two failed attempts, de Klerk outbraked Charlton into BP and took over 2nd place, which he held to the Finish. Meanwhile Serrurier, who was again suffering from the heat, slowly dropped back and had to let Rowe past on lap 27 and the final order was Love, de Klerk, Charlton, Lionel Rowe, Serrurier, Blignaut, Holme and Henderson.

    Four of the 12 starters in this Heat retired - Blokdyk, Mellet, van Straaten and Clapham. With Westmead now only a memory the Easter Races were back again
    at the Roy Hesketh Circuit and included the 8th 6 Hour Endurance Race, run as usual on the Saturday afternoon and evening of the Easter weekend.
    20th Coronation 100 - results.

    1. John Love Cooper 55 Climax
    2. Peter de Klerk Alfa Special
    3. Dave Charlton Lotus 20 Ford
    4. Doug Serrurier LDS Alfa
    5. Alex Blignaut Cooper Climax
    6. Jack Holme Lotus 18 Climax
    7. Lionel Rowe Lotus 21 Climax
    8. Gordon Rowe Scorpion Alfa


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    Bruce Johnstone with the ex Syd van der Vyver Cooper-Alfa T43(2) and Doug Serrurier with one of the very earliest LDS-Alfas(4) Doug is in black overall and his mechanic was Jackie Pretorius.1961 (Image by Tony de Wijn)



















    Trevor Blokdyk in the Cooper T56 Ford twin-cam. Trevor was winning the 120 in August 1964 (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)















    Start of Mercury 100

    Ian Scheckter(4)

    Dave Charlton(1)

    Eddie Keizan(5)

    Guy Tunmer(6)

    Mike Domingo(7)

    29 March 1975.



















    Mike Hoffman(7) Titan Mk5,

    Desire Wilson(8) Merlyn Mk25 1976.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)
















    Dave Charlton and the Lotus 72 DFV 1974.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)













    Clive Puzey's Lotus leads Joun Love's Cooper and Peter de Klerk in the Alfa Special.
















    Drivers to Europe series,

    the Argentinian entry.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)















    Basil van Rooyen leads in a McLaren M7A with the modified rear wings to finish 1st with John Love(2nd) and John McNicol Lola T142(3rd)

    Coronation 100 1969.

    (Image by Frank Hoal)














    29.1st Formula Vee's in South Africa, Bottom one was Pat Sonneschein's car. Circa 1964.



















    Danie Theron(28) in the Associated Spray Painters Formula Vee leads in the Short Circuit Races March 1968.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)

















    Fomula Ford Circa 1973.
















    Gus MacLeod(8)(3rd) Spider,

    Start Hesketh Short Circuit Races

    10 Oct 1957.

    (Courtesy Ken MacLeod)















    Peter de Klerk and Eddie Pinto with the Brabham Climax BT11 in 1965 As a driver-mechanic Peter often raced doing all-nighters on his car, which other top drivers never had to do. Eddie’s capabilities and standards of preparation were excellent.


















    Johannes Meyer Botha March 712. Circa 1969. "Meyer" was murdered by car jackers in Pretoria 28 October 1998. Raced in 1960, 1962-1963, 1967, 1970-1971, 1974 Total race entries: 13 (contains 7 finishes and 2 retirements, finishing ratio: 77%)




















    John McNicol's Lola T142

    Easter races 1969.

    (Image by David Pearson)






















    Dave Charlton in the Lotus 72 DFV in the pits in 1974.


















    Joss Viljoen(17) the one at the rear is Brian Mackenzie(26) Contributions needed for the other drivers.


















    Who is this and when, Contribution needed!





















    Charlton Jefferies leads at the Natal winter Vees. 1967




















    Tony Martin in his Chevron B20 dummy start of the 1973 Mercury 100 (Courtesy of Robert Young)





















    Joe Eckhoff in his Cooper Climax at the Coronation 100 in 1961






















    Willie Ferguson Lola T142 (18) and Jackie Pretorius Surtees TS5 (8) John McNicol Lola T190. Image taken during 1970 season.

    (Courtesy of Basil van Rooyen)
























    The one and only Paddy Driver with his M10B. This might have been the meeting that he wrote this car off Ex-Peter Gethin's. 1970.

    (Courtesy of Ralf Pike)
























    Jackie Pretorius in the BT26 Brabham 1971.

































    45.Peter de Klerk Brabham BT26(2) and Loves March 701(1) and Eddie Pinto in overalls 1970.






















    Brian Raubenheimer Lotus Ford, leads Jackie Pretorius Lotus Climax and Jefferies Cooper Climax 1966.

















    Alan Domingo tests the limits of one of the family Atlantic Chevron B25 to the limits 1976. (Image by David Pearson)
















    Joe Domingo and his Lola-Chevrolet.

    Joe and Mike Domingo both appeared on the grid of a South African race at the sixth running of the Natal Winter Trophy on 4th July 1971, both retiring with ‘unsuitable tyres’ in the weather’ but not after loaning some to F5000 championship contender Paddy Driver.

    The Domingo family were the first F1 drivers ‘of colour’ and unfortunately there is very few images of them and the Team Domingo cars.

    (Image by Ralph Pike)


    The Domingo’s – Racing around Prejudice

    article by Gregg Mills
























    Eddie Keizen Tyrell 004 1973

    (Courtesy Ralf Pike)

























    Gordon Jones the mechanic looking on as John Love get ready for the start 1968.





















    John Love Cooper T55 Climax, Ernest Pieterse Lotus 21 Climax & Trevor Blokdyk Cooper 51 Maserati 1964.
























    Jackie Pretorius.























    Sam Tingle on the start line with John Love and Jackie Pretoris, Easter Races 1968.






















    The start of the first heat of the Coronation 100 with Ernie Pieterse, Pieter de Klerk and John Love in line abreast at the Natal Easter Races 1964.














    John Love leads Peter de Klerk through the curve at BP. Coronation100 at the Natal Easter Races 1964.























    John Love and Tony Jefferies Natal Easter Races 1964. (Image by Ralph Pike)






































    Before the start team-mates John Love (Cooper T79) and Tony Jefferies (Cooper T25) at the Coronation 100 at Roy Hesketh 11th April 1966. John Love won the two-heat event on aggregate from Dave Charlton (Brabham BT1Climax). (Image by John Duncan)

























    Bob Olthoff in McLaren M3 F5000 leads Jackie Pretorius Lola T140 and John Love Lotus 49 past the pits in 1969.


















    Dave Charlton loosing it at quarry during and going out of the F1 non championship races 4th July 1970.

















    Basil van Rooyen McLaren

    Cosworth M7a leads John Love Lotus-Cosworth 49 then John McNicol followed by Paddy Driver Lola-Ford, Coronation 100 

    6th April 1969.


















    Guy Turner's Lotus-Coswoth 72E in the pits. Guy retired with a valve problem after 12 laps in the Natal Mercury 100 29th March 1975

    (Image Courtesy of Richard Swart)

























    Len Booysen's Chevron B29 1976. 

    (Image by Johan Moorcroft)
























    Dave Charlton's Modus M3 - Ford BDA

    which finished 2nd in the 120 Formula Atlantic Scratch Race 1976.

    (Image by Johan Moorcroft)




























    Tony Martin(2) Chevron B34 finished 4th

    Roy Klomfass(5) Team Gunston-Ralt RT1 - Ford BDA(DNS engine) at the 120 Formula Atlantic Scratch Race 1976.

    (Image by Johan Moorcroft)































    André Verwey(14) March,(UKNE)

    Tony Martin(2) Chevron B34 (4th) 

    Gary Ainscough(12),(UKNE)

    Len Booysen(9) Chevron B29 (DNS) 

    in the 120 Formula Atlantic Scratch Race 1976.

    (Image by Johan Moorcroft)

























    Eddie Keizan(2)2nd Embassy Tyrrell-Cosworth 004 during practice at the Mercury ‘100’ SA Non Championship round 4 race, 23 April 1973.

    (Image by Ralph Pike)


























    Dave Charlton(1)(1st) Lucky Strike Lotus-Cosworth 72D Mercury ‘100’ SA Non Championship round 4 race, 23 April 1973. (Image by Ralph Pike)

























    Sam Tingle and his Team Gunston Brabham Repco BT24-2 at the Coronation 100 South African F1 Championship round 3 15th April 1968, he finished 7th.























    Bobby Olthoff in the ex David Prophet McLaren Elva Mark 1 Ford takes the chequered flag after being hotly challenged by the smaller group B Lotus 23B Alfa Romeo car of Keith Berrington-Smith at the SA SCC 11th April 1966.