Jon Ekerold
Peter Ekerold
Johan Boshoff 1936-1977
Alan North 1953-
Paddy Driver 1934-
Jim Redman 1931-
Kork Ballington 1951-
Gary Hocking 1937-1962
Some of the local legends
below by unknown caricaturist
(Courtesy of Dave Marriner)






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    From left, Roy Hesketh, Noel Horsfield and Erich Schroenn. DJ Run 1935.



















    Des North at Alexander Park Road Circuit Pietermarizburg 1946.

    (Courtesy of Alan North)
















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    Alexandra Park circa 1953. Caption needed, can you please help identify them.




















    Eric Stadler on the 250cc Velocette at Aleandra Park 1953.
























    Willie Grobler on a 250cc Rudge at Alexandra Park in the early 1950s.



















    John Ogden at Barracks Bend at Alexandra Park circuit in PMB

    en route to second in the Natal

    500cc championship in 1952 or 53.

    (Image by Robert Young)





















    Ray Travers on his KTT Velocette at Alexandra Park, in the early 1950s.

    (Image by Robert Young)




















    8. Doug Sutherland (77) and Bepe Castellani (80) lead a 350cc race at Alexandra Park ahead of R. Scott and Ray Travers circa 1951.

    (Image Robert Young)





















    1950 and 1952 South African 350cc champion Clarrie Hurst guns his KTT Velocette at Alexandra Park.



















    Owen Brown takes his Excelsior Manxman up Beacon Hill soon after Roy Hesketh circuit opened. Owen Brown who was a Transvaal 250cc champion in the late 1940s (Caption by Ken MacLeod)






















    Bob Bergstrom and passenger Saxon Marzzitti circa 1953.





















    Probably first ever event at Roy Hesketh Circuit. R.L Young and passenger on Vincent combo negotiate Angel's Angle 1953.


















    Fred Gradidge sidecar, he raced it right up until he became ill into the 1960s. Circa 1952.




















    D. L. Atwell A.J.S 350cc OHC. Inaugral Meeting 26 December 1953

    (Courtesy of Sue Vancy- Lyle nee Atwell)



























    D.L. Atwell(14) A.J.S 350cc OHC Lap Time 1.27 secs and I.R.Dunlop(22) Velocette 350 OHV lap Time 1m27s. Inaugral Meeting 26 Dec 1953.

    (Courtesy of Sue Vancy- Lyle nee Atwell)






















    Denis Spencer at Quarry early 1950s




















    Early days possibly 1953, Caption needed, can you please help identify them.





















    At Quarry, circa 1953.



















    One of the first, if not the first 50cc race at Roy Hesketh circuit. Possibly Johnny Gwillam circa mid 1950s

    (Image courtesy of Robert Young)



















    Rowlands and Podmore circa mid 1950s.





















    Caption needed, can you pleas help identify them.





















    Sidecar at Angel's, Caption needed, can you help identify them.





















    Bernard Podmore leaving Henry's Knee on his 650cm3 Triumph, possibly 1954.

    (Image courtesy of Robert Young)




















    Fred Gradidge and passenger Eddie Bingham at Angel's circa mid 1950s.





















    Karl Rorich on his 7R A.J.S. at Quarry Curve, Karl won the 1958 P.E. 200, with cousin Keith Crawford running his pit.

    (Image by Robert Young)















    The start of the Easter 1956 Natal 350cc championship. Defending champion Boet Ferreira (33), eventual winner Jannie Stander (38), both on Velocette, Mike Burger (28), Mike Moore (29), Les Smith (30), Dan Joubert (35), all on BSA Gold Star, Charlie Randall (39) Norton, Keith Crawford on 7R A.J.S. whose helmet is just visible between Moore and Smith. Cliff McArthur (15) on an Excelsior Manxman, Eric Stadler (17) on a BSA and Don Lesar (10) also on a BSA. Boet crashed at The Link early in the race and suffered a fractured skull. By his own admission it took him four years to recover his nerve. Jannie went on to win the 1956 South African 350cc championship. (Caption by Ken MacLeod and image by Robert Young)









    Dan Joubert wins the 1956 Natal 500cm3 championship to retain the title he won the previous year. He went on to win the South African 500cm3 championship in 1956, earning Springbok colours. In fact, 1955, 1956 and 1958 were very good vintage years in motorcycle racing terms for the colourful Stellenbosch wine farmer. In 1955, following his first win in the Natal 500cm3 championship, he went to the Isle of Man to race a BSA Gold Star in the Junior Clubmans Race, then the world's premier production machine race. Fastest throughout practice he forgot to turn on his petrol at the start and the delay resulted in him finishing second and costing him a certain win. In 1958 he won the Western Province championship at a meeting at Killarney where he beat Jim Redman in a 500cm3 scratch race following Jim's first overseas campaign. He later starred in off-road races. (Caption by Ken MacLeod)













    Eric Stadler(1) Les Smith(24) at Quarry. If you look carefully at the helmet there is a roundel which in Les's case represented Yorkshire. Les retired after the Easter meeting. Image circa 1956.



















    From Left Gary Hocking, Ken Robas and Jim Redman this image was published in a Durban newspaper after the December 1957 meeting where Gary Hocking won both handicap races, made international by the presence of Mike Hailwood aged 17.

    (Caption Ken MacLeod)



















    The maestro himself Geoff Duke

    negotiates Henrys Knee on his 500cc Gilera 4th January 1957. He was impressed by the organisation at the PMB track his lap record lasted a year and his motorcycle race record until December 1958 when it was broken by Mike Hailwood whose speed was not matched on the old circuit.

    (Caption by Ken MacL





























    Gary Hocking(50) chasing Graham Cain(26) on a long stoke Manx. circa 1958.



















    Mike Moore(27) BSA Gold Star leads Jack Gray(32) on Doug Aldridge KTT Velocette in the Parkhill 120 in 1958.






















    Martin Watson(14) and Cliff Godwin(8) at Beacon Oct 1958.





















    Mike Moore(32) on the Doug Aldridge KTT Velocette in the Natal 100 in 1958. he won this race again in 1961 on a G50 Matchless.




















    Tommy Robinson(28) and Jim Redman(21) Circa 1959.



















    Jack Gray in 1959 the year he became South African 350cm3 champion on Doug Aldridge's beautiful Norton earning him Springbok colours.

    (Image by Rob Young)






















    Battle of the Brits Dave Chadwick leads Mike Hailwood out of Angels Angle in January 1959. Two of the most popular visitors to SA. (Image by Rob Young)
























    John Smith 7R AJS at Beacon.



















    Charlie Randall with a precautionary

    foot hovering as he exits Angels Angle

    on his 250cc Norton.His major wins at

    Roy Hesketh were the 1955 Natal 100, 1956 Natal 250cm3 championship and 1960 Royal Show Handicap, all on this bike. Charlie went on to win the 1960 South African 250cc championship, earning Springbok colours. He and Desire Wilson were the first and still the only father and daughter recipients of Springbok colours. One of his best meetings came at the May 1959 Heany meeting in Bulawayo. Riding this bike his results were 250cc scratch race:DNS; 350cc scratch race:1st; 500cc scratch race:3rd and Heany 100 handicap:3rd.(Image Rob Young Caption by KenMacLeod)

















    World Champion Geoff Duke.

    January 1957.

    (Image supplied by Ken MacLeod)























    Dave Chadwick and Mike Hailwood 1958. (Courtesy Mike Compton)




















    Jannie Stander and Mike Hailwood head down the pitlane for the 250cc scratch race at Roy Hesketh circuit in December 1958. Jannie and his beloved "Boksnot" are rightly South African legends. Memorably in 1960 they notched up four second places and a fastest lap, while Jannie also scored a 500cc third in UK and Europe. At the French GP he showed he was a match for the world's best privateers in the 500cc race before bike trouble cost him a lap. His campaign ended prematurely when he broke an arm at the Dutch TT, but the famous combination had left an indelible mark in UK and Europe. At home they famously won the 1957 PE 200 by four minutes from Geoff Duke and Jannie also won the South African Gold Cup 24 hrs race at Grand Central circuit that year, riding for 12 hrs, the maximum allotted time a rider could complete. In addition, Jannie was unofficial 1954 and 1955 South African 250cc champion and 1959 and 1963 South African 250cc champion. Jannie also took the 1956 South African 350cc championship.

    (Caption Ken MacLeod & Image courtesy Rob Young)











    Start of the 500cc Scrath Race 14th December 1958. Paddy Driver(46)2nd. Stan Setaro(44)3rd. K Robus(42) Jim Redman(43) W Larney(16) Mike Hailwood(57)1st. D Hilton(19) D A Smith(17) Mike Hailwood won with a record lap time of 38min 7sec.









    Mike Hailwood makes a rapid getaway at the start of the 250cc scratch race at Roy Hesketh circuit in December 1958. Others in the picture are Jannie Stander(11) Norman Carstenson(Puch)(80) Bepe Castellani (FB Mondial)(1) and Cyril Klew (Velocette)(2). No.6 is not listed in the programme, but from the fact the bike has a fairing it could be Frank Cope on the Norton on which he won the PE 200 a fortnight later. Behind Frank could be Gary Burgess on a BSA. (Caption by Ken MacLeod Image by Rob Young)












    Mike Hailwood and Paddy Driver before the start of the 500cc scratch race. December 1958.



















    Charlie Randall (250cc Norton) goes through Henry's Knee with Mike Hailwood (250cc NSU) poised to pounce. December 1958. (Image by Robert Young)



















    Mike Moore(32) on the Doug Aldridge KTT Velocette in the Natal 100 in 1958. he won this race again in 1961 on a G50 Matchless.





















    M.Moore with the Norton(22) and 350 AJS(26) 1959.(Image by David Pearson)




















    D.Symons 350cc Norton at Quarry Bend. 1959. (Image by David Pearson)

















    Gary Hocking takes the Colin Lyster 500cc Norton through Angel's Angle at a meeting during the 1959-60 Southern African international season. It was on this motorcycle that he earned a case of South African sparkling wine for lapping the Sacks Circle, Bellville circuit at over 100 mph the first person to do so on two or four wheels. His time of 1 minute 45 seconds equalled 100.8 mph set on his way to third in the Western Province Championship handicap race. British star Chris Bristow in a F2 Cooper-Borgward lowered the new record by three seconds, a speed of 104 m/h, en route to winning the False Bay 100. The sporting organisers gave him a case of the bubbly stuff two days later.

    (Caption Ken MacLeod Image courtesy of Rob Young)











    Stan Setaro(25) and Jack Grey(22) on Doug Aldridge's beautiful Norton just below the control tower after they were first and second respectively in the Parkhill 120 in September 1959. Stan (500cm3) and Jack (350cm3) had just clinched their respective SA championships. Both were awarded Springbok colours, Stan for the second time his first was as SA representative in the 1957 IOM TT.











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    Jannie Stander on his equally legendary Boksnot leads Paddy Driver through Angel's Angle. 1960.





















    Jim Redman's Norton 1960.




















    One of the first, if not the first 50cc race at Roy Hesketh. This is possibly Johnny Gwillam.

    (Image Courtesy of Rob Young)



















    Paddy Driver circa 1961.

    (Image courtesy of Pete Aldridge)

















    Bruce Beale at Roy Hesketh in 1961. Bruce died May 17th 2002 was a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer from Rhodesia. His best year was in 1964 when he finished second in the 350cc Grand Prix world championship, behind his countryman Jim Redman. Bruce was active from 1964 to 1966. His first race was in 1964 at the Isle of Man 125cc Lightweight TT. His last race was in 1966 in the 250cc Nations Grand Prix with Honda. Bruce had 45 starts and had a total of 81 points.

    (Image courtesy of Pete Aldridge and Caption by Nigel Owen)














    Dickie Dale on his 500cc Norton winning the 1961 Fairfield Handicap.

    (Picture courtesy of Norman Maurice)


















    Jim Redman(2) and Dickie Dale(3) both on Norton 500s about to lap a backmarker F.G.Hasieber(50) on an ex Owen Brown Excelsior Manxman 249cc as they exit Angels Angle during the 1961 international series.

    (Image by Rob Young & Caption Nigel Owen)











    59. Phil Read had just passed Jim Redman when this unfortunate crash caused by the con rod snapping and seizing the engine at 100mph on the Arter G50 at Henry's Knee during opening Hesketh meeting in 1962. That crash took off the side of Phil’s face and he missed the rest of the Hesketh meeting as a result, but recovered well enough and was back at Westmead a week later.

    (Caption Phil Read & Image by Rob Young)












    Norman Maurice(8)(7R A.J.S.) leads Abby de Kock(10)(7R A.J.S. ) Tiny Marriner (18)(Norton) and Andreas Georgeades(12)(7R A.J.S) coming out of BP Bend. 6th April 1962.

    (Picture courtesy of Norman Maurice)




















    Martin Watson on the Red 500 Norton. Circa 1963. (Courtesy of Peter Aldridge)























    Trevor van Rooyen on a Suzuki 250cc grand prix bike.






















    Keith Crawford.




















    Left to right, Unknown rider Norton(4) Marriner Norton(3), de Kock AJS(2), Watson Norton(1) The start of the 350cc event 1964.





















    Jim Redman en route to winning the 1965 Dickie Dale Trophy at Roy Hesketh circuit on the 305cm3 Honda twin.

    (Image by Frank Melling)




















    Vic Jones and passenger Eddie Bingham on the 500 JAP Clubmans Day February 1966. (Image by A.Pope)




















    Keith Crawford(85) chased by Errol Cowan(70) Easter races 1966.



















    George ?(108 Red) Wally Dunn(69)far left Fred Gradidge(26) behind first is Cyril Hilliars(18) 1967.

    (Image by Wally Dunn)

    (Courtesy Ken Scheepers)


















    Ophie Howard on his Yamaha TD-2 250cc on the aproach to Angels Angle at the 29th June 1969 meeting. Ophie won this race and was current leader of the national Championship.


















    George Palmer & Pat McCormic(5)(note Pat's unzipped leathers, no fear here) Gert Smith(10) (Kalahari Wild Man) & unknow passenger at BP Bend 1968.

    (Courtesy of George Palmer)
















    Pieter Van Niekerk & Tommy Saunders(7) Fred Gradidge & Eddie Bingha(2) Unknown riders(11) at BP Bend circa 1965.

    (Courtesy of George Palmer)


















    Glen Holister & George Palmer(48) & Fred Gradidge & Piedie van Rensburg(26)on the Dirt track between Quarry and the main straight 1964.

    (Courtesy of George Palmer)



















    George Palmer & Pat McCormack going through Beacon. 1969. (Note how close Pat's hand is to the wheel and it looks like no gloves)

    (Courtesy of George Palmer)



















    Glen Holister & George Palmer at BP Bend 1963. (Courtesy of George Palmer)






















    George Palmer and Pat McCormack going through Angles Angle 1968.

    (Courtesy of George Palmer)





















    Kieth Crawford(70) Triumph, Ian Burne

    (83)DW Norton. Easter Races 1968.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)




















    Jim Redman on his Yamaha taking the chequered flag 13th April 1968.

    (Image by Len Konings)

    (Courtesy of Robert Adams)


















    Syd Stacy at Angel's in 1968 aboard the bike he tuned which dumped Blink Symonds in the Sweep and then the late Graham Borchards at Henry's Knee. Kork Ballington and Mike Grant both tried it out but it was not good. Syd tamed it and got some great results for the Shimwell's Honda team. (Caption by Mike Grant)
















    Dave Hiron an ex UK speedway rider and hard working secretary for stock car and motorcycle dirt racing arranged motorcycle racing on the stock car track. Dave was seriously injured when accidently run down by a rider while officiating, despite this, after a long recovery, he worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make stock car a success.

    Riders of that time include: S.A. champion  Les Smith, Eddie English, Arthur Arpin, Bergstrom brothers. All ‘gutsy’ competitors. Great Guys! Circa 1968. (Caption by Nigel Owen & Image courtesy of Lez Bromfield)















    From left. The brothers Dave Jon and Pete Ekerold 1968.

























    Mike Grant SATT. Jan 1969.





















    Mike Grant's Honda leads Giacomo Agostini MV through Angle's Angle during the SATT. January 1969.



















    Trevor van Rooyen on a Suzuki at Angels Angle in the late 1960s.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)


















    The DKW 3cyl two stroke engined outfit ridden by Ronnie Bosman and Mike Grant passenger club meeting in 1968. Built and raced by Dennis Bosman, brother Ronnie took over when Dennis raced his Fast BSA engined outfit.

    (Courtesy of Mike Grant)


















    The Castrol TT 20th July 1969 with a Le Mans start, Fred Toft(F21) Geoff Bonniface(22) Caption needed, can you please help identify them.






















    Mike Hailwood on his 250cc Honda 6 at the start line of the 1967 Dickie Dale Memorial Trophy race. Mike went on to win and shattered all records.

    (Click on image for newspaper report)














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    ?(96) Ago(98) Ray Pickrell(2) Rod Gould(42) Johan Boshoff(89) Mike Grant(97) Paul Smart(101) Simon Fourie(7) Jon Ekerold(91) Tony Potgieter(41) Ophie Howard(4) Peter Aitke(71) Gillie Cruise Circa 1971.













    Alan North at Angle's. This bike was the brand new Yamaha TZ350 water cooled model, Alan later changed the drum front brake to a disc set up shortly after. Rodney Gray beat Alan in this race by half a wheel on the same model in June 1973.

    (Caption Alan North)

    (Image by Keith Edwards)




















    Rod Gould.





















    Garth and Wayne Riddell circa 1970.




















    Phil Read(52) Peter Aitkin(11)

    SATT 1970.




















    Great image of Phil Read racing against the locals in the the first Daily News SATT 1970.





















    Mike Hailwood being chased by 

    Jim Redman at Beacon 1970.

























    Barry Sheen(102) an Jon Ekerold(7)SATT 1972.
























    Gary Hocking.



















    Action picture out of BP and up towards Beacon. Curly McDuling(2)

    Ted Cunningham(9) Circa 1971.



















    Johan Boshoff(42) Mike Grant(40) Jim Peters(52) exit BP into Beacon Circa 1972.


















    Mike Grant (Honda) leads Barry Sheene (Suzuki) through Quarry Corner, SATT 1972.




















    Mike Fogg leads Mike Grant up Beacon Hill in the SATT 1972. Mike's exhaust mounting spring broke and bike failed.

    (Courtesy of Mike Grant)



















    Mike Grant (16) with Barry Sheene (12) BP bend SA TT January 1972.



















    Mike Grant on his 250 Yamaha up Beacon Hill in the 1972 SATT Dickie Dale Memorial race. (Image by Keith Edwards)




















    A trio of legends From Left Kork Ballington(3rd) Giacomo Agostini(1st) and Barry Sheen(2nd) SATT 1972.







































    Natal's Mr Motor Racing, Des North (left) and AA Steward Fred Sutcliffe chat to Giacomo Agostini before the start of the 1973 South African TT Ago retired in this race, but won in 1971 and '72. Des and his team played a huge role in ensuring top quality competitors graced the PMB circuit virtually throughout its existence.

    We fans owe them a massive debt of gratitude. (Image by Rob Young)

















    Mike Foggs Castrol Team Sponsport Yamaha 350cc in the pits at the 1973 South African TT. (Image by Ken MacLeod)
















    Start of a 3 Hour Production Bike race at the Natal Winter Races July 1973

    (Caption needed, can you help identify them. (Courtesy of Dave Marriner)















    Shaun Burne rounding BP Riding for Smith and Watson.

























    Superbike challenge.






















    Chris Stabbins through Angels Angle on his Suzuki 250 production bike 1973. (Image courtesy of Pete Ekerold)




















    An unusual shot of Henrys Knee at the start of a 3 Hour Production Bike race at the Natal Winter Races July 1973

    (Courtesy of Dave Marriner)




































    Alan North leading Steve Thompson on Yamaha 50's through BP Bend Circa 1971.




















    Peter Aitken.





















    This is BP Bend with Alan North(55) on a 180 Yamaha followed by Wayne Riddell (75) then Dave MacAlister(97) 1973.

















    Riders in this pic we've been able to identify are Alan North(45) Johan Boshoff(42) Errol Cowan(40) Simon Fourie(41) Mick Grant(65) Rod Gray(52)and Keith Petersen(60) in the Dickie Dale 350cc race 1973.














    Billy Jones and Ken Scheepers at Angels Angle 1973. (Image by Rob Young)



















    A trio of legends. From left.

    Kork Ballington, Jock Leyden and Jim Redman, pictured outside the Control Tower at Roy Hesketh circuit before the 1979 (and last) South African TT. Jock's famous cartoons are on display in many parts of the world, including Buckingham Palace, while Jim and Kork are Southern Africa's most successful road racing motorcyclists with ten world championships between them.

    (Image by Ken MacLeod)



















    Rod Gray and Alan North at BP Bend (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)
























    Jon Ekerold(7) Mick Grant(65) at Angel's SATT 1972.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)




















    The style of a future world champion: Jon Ekerold negotiating BP Bend in about 1972. (Image by Robert Young)





















    Can you help identify these riders.( Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)




















    Andreas Georgeades on his home built AGS leading John Cooper on the JPS Norton out of Beacon Hill in the 1973 SATT.



















    Howard Mellet on his 500cc Kawasaki production bike going through Beacon 1974.




















    Dudley Cramond(3) Mike Grant(8) KMSA race manager Robin Howe in the cool flares and Bossie(1) before practice and very wet start of the 100 lap race on into the night in pouring rain. April 1976.




















    From left Rod Grey(2nd) Howard Mellet(1st) Johan Boshoff(3rd) Victory Lap. All on Kawasaki’s. Production bike race 1976.

    (Image courtesy of Howard Mellet)



















    From right, Mike Cameron, Ian Brandon, Keith Wooley to right of Dirk Du Plooy, Johan Boshoff, Mike Grant, Keith Poulton, Neville Louw,Steve Thompson, Wooley and Bossie 9th April 1977.
















    Peter Ekerold(77)

    John Sneesby(100)

    Keith Poilton(44)


    Ian Brandon(55)2nd December 1978.















    In the lead is Keith Zeeman-Kawasak(2) followed by Les van Breda-Suzuki(9) then Howard Mellet-Kawasaki10) under braking for Quarry corner in 1978.

    (Image courtesy of Howard Mellet)




















    Robert Adams on Team Lansell F1 class Honda K5 race was won by Simon Fourie 1978.























    Brothers Dave, Jon, and Peter Ekerold and Ian Hamblin. Practice day before South African TT 1979.

    (Image by Keith Edwards)

    (Courtesy of Peter Ekerold.)















    Peter Ekerold and brother Jon on startline SATT 1979.

    (Courtesy of Peter Ekerold.)




























    Peter Ekerold at Beacon Hill South African TT 1979.

    (Image by Keith Edwards, courtesy of Peter Ekerold)




















    From Left Kork Ballington(1st) Peter Ekerold(3rd) and Anthony Mang(2nd) Victory lap Roy Hesketh South African TT 1979.

    (Image by Keith Edwards, courtesy of Peter Ekerold.)





















    The one and only Giacomo Agostini.























    Howard Mellet won the Natal Championship in 1978 and was awarded Natal colours. Howard won the SA unlimited production bike class in 1976 and 1977.


















    In the lead is Keith Zeeman-Kawasaki (2) followed by Les van Breda-Suzuki (9) then Howard Mellet-Kawasaki(10) Under braking for Quarry corner in 1978. (Image courtesy of Howard Mellet)



















    Richard Borain on a Honda CBX at Henry's Knee 1978.(Courtesy of Shane Bignoux)























    Paul Smart and Ray Pickerill at BP Bend.


















    The slow down lap of the 250cc Mike Grant(16)1st, Jon Ekerold(7)2nd, and Barry Sheene(102)3rd  SATT 1972 (Courtesy of Pete Ekerold)














    Contributions needed please for 1980 & 1981

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    Kork Ballington and Richard Blundell in Australia 2012.(Courtesy of Richard Blundell)






















    Jon Ekerold was born in Johannesburg, South Africa 1946.  He is one of the few racers in the modern era to have won a world championship as a privateer without the benefit of a motorcycle manufacturer's support when he defeated Kawasaki factory racing team rider Anton Mang for the 1980 350cc Grand Prix road racing world championship. Jon  rode a self-modified Yamaha TZ350 engine in a Bimota chassis during his championship season. He also won the Ulster Grand Prix once and finished second at the Isle of Man TT twice.




















    Allan McKee(24)


    Ian Brandon(21)

    Dave Gaisford(25)

    Easter Motor Races 

    5th April 1980.

    (Image by  Keith Edwards)

    (Courtesy of Raceface)



















    Dave Gaisford(25)

    Jimmy Rodgers(41)

    Easter Motor Races

    5th April 1980.

    Image by Keith Edwards)

    (Courtesy of Raceface)

















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