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    Open Cockpit Racing Car Photo Gallery



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    Roy Hesketh’s MGR3 at Ladysmith races 1948.(Courtesy of Michael Compton)

















    Chevron B19 driven by Mike Hailwood in the 3hr 27th December 1971.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)























    Henri Le Roux, Lola, Practice 6Hour.March 1964.

    (Courtesy of Mike Compton)





















    G.Coetzer, M.Lester, Henri Le Roux in the Elfin June 1964.

    (Courtesy of Mike Compton)



























    McGillewie in the Elfin T300 April 1968.(Courtesy of Mike Compton)

















    Pretorius / Serrurie(4)1st,

    Marko / Love(2)2nd,

    Holme / van der Merwe(5) 3rd, McNicol-Ferguson(1)4th,


    The Natal Mercury International 3 Hour Endurance Race 1970.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)














    The Dickie Dale 3 Hr,

    27th. December 1966.
















    Andre Verwey drove two cars in the same race which was very unique. First Andre did 1 & 1/2 hours in his Lola T212, then the rest in the Rays Racing Chevron B19. Andre finished a pre planned 4th in the Chevron, ahead of his own Lola car and then collecting the Hoo Foster Memorial Trophy. The image is of the Lola being overtaken by a wheel....not a car!!! in the Springbok Series 3hr race 1971.

    (Courtesy of Andre Verwey)
















    Andre Verwey in the Lola T212 winning the Azalea 1˝hr race 1971.

    (Image from Motoring Mirror)













    Andre Verwey in the Lola T212 in the 6hr Easter Races in 1971. Some half an hour before the race was due to end, the Lucas Fuel injection metering unit seized as result of rust that came out of the fuel drums. Andre was so far ahead but had to wait some 4 inches before the finishing line, to crank the car over the line on the starter motor, once the chequered flag came out. The rules stated that the car had to cross the finishing line, under its own power.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey and published in the Motoring Mirror)
















    The busy pit area Circa 1955.If you have any information on this image please contact us.























    Paddy Driver with back to the camera Basil van Rooyen looking at the Chevron with arms folded and Doug Serrurier drinking coke, usually it was something MUCH stronger!





















    The Palbin-BMW. This was a ‘spyder’ copy of the Chevron B8 built in Cape Town. It was acquired by Evan Boddy of Durban who raced in a few sports car events.















    Gus MacLeod(8) Start of the Hesketh Short Circuit Races 10th October 1957.


















    Bruce Johnstone in the Volvo Special.
















    Keith Berrington Smith in the Ecosse.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)
















    Albert Wiegel Lotus23(C70) and Bob Oltoff(B36) in the Willmet

    Ford Cobra(B36) Startline August 1963.(Courtesy of Mike Compton)




















    Joss Viljoen Elfin-Ford Ray Emond Lola-Ford startline Easter 1967.

    (Courtesy of Mike Compton)





















    Dennis Cockerell in his Peugeot going through Quarry Curve November 1958.(Courtesy of Mike Compton)

























    Kieth Berrington-Smith in the Thompson brothers Lotus 23 Alfa.























    John Truter / Neville Smith GSM Dart Start of ther 6hr 1967.



    (Courtesy of Mike Compton)


















    G.Henderson in his TriumphTR2,

    November 1958.

    (Courtesy of Mike Compton)

















    The Campbell's Racing Team.

    From Left, Neville Smith,

    Campbell Jr, Pieter Aucamp,

    Ken West, Malcolm Wood,

    John Truter and Ray Emond.



















    John Truter in the Bramhill Dart through Angel's Angle during a 1968 race meeting.


















    Pierre Rosseau in the Lola Mk1(17) leading Tony Claasens in the Woolridge Dart(32)

















    Ray Emond(71) leading Truter and Kieth Berrington-Smith in the Thompson brothers Lotus 23 Alfa.
















    John Truter in the Bramhill Dart Kieth Berrington-Smith in the Thompson brothers Lotus








    Duelling GSM Dart-Lotus(61) John Truter and Ray Emond(71) in the Woolridge LolaMk.1 at Angel’s Angle (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)










    Ferrari 250LM(4) at the top of Beacon alongside the Bramhill Dart(9) driven by John Truter.


















    Keith Berrington-Smith in the Thompson Bros Lotus23.
















    Trevor Lewis TR3 far left, George Rees in the Dart, Brausch Niemann(50) John Wilson TR3(62), George Lowe(60) Brian Pole TR(63) 1965.
















    Jackie Pretorius at the wheel of the Lola T70 Spyder he shared with Doug Serrurier they went on to win the 3hr race in 1968. 

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)

















    Hilton Gray takes the Mike Appel Special through Angels Angle at the Easter Races 1954.
















    Dick Gibson and his Cooper Climax 1959. (Image by David Pearson)


















    Derek Edwards in his Cooper Climax at Quarry Bend 1959.

    (Image by David Pearson)

















    Owen Pheasant in Ron Wright's Peugeot special.(Image by Dick Park)



















    Two Peugeots Special side by side at the Coronation 100 1958.

    (Image by Robert Rutherford-Smith & Courtesy of Joan Wright)















    Ron Wright(8) and Dennis Cockerell(9) in the Peugeots Special at start of Coronation 100 race 1958.

    (Image by Robert Rutherford-Smith & Courtesy of Joan Wright)













    Ron Wright(finished 2nd) chasing Clive Trundell(finished 3rd) 7th February 1960.

    (Image by Robert Rutherford-Smith & Courtesy of Joan Wright)













    Ron Wright(8) and Arthur Mackenzie(30) Starting from scratch Arthur stormed through the field to easily win. Here he sets up to overtake Ron through Quarry Curve at the Union Day Trophy 1954.

    (Image by Robert Rutherford-Smith & Courtesy of Joan Wright)
















    Ron Wright in his Peugeot Special at start 7th February 1960.

    (Image by Robert Rutherford-Smith & Courtesy of Joan Wright)


















    Waiting at the start of the Corination 100 in 1958

    (Image by Robert Rutherford-Smith & Courtesy of Joan Wright)















    From left Dennis Cockerell(7) Pegueot, B.Sapsford(5) MG, Ron Wright(6) Pegueot going three abreast heading towards Quarry Corner in the Settlers Handicap Race

    2nd September 1957.

    (Courtesy of Ian Cockerell)















    A very happy winner Dennis Cockerell in his Austin 7 being sent off on his complimentary lap by clerk of the course Ted Johnson. Ron Wright came 2nd also in an Austin 7 and Les Miller 3rd in his MG in the Centenary Race 10th October 1954. (Courtesy of Ian Cockerall) 

















    Alex Wishart in his stubby 500cc Norton engineered car swings wide as he enters The Link, with Brian Sapsford MG 1250cc and Ron Wright Pegueot 1290cc behind. Settlers Day Races 2nd September 1957.














    Owen Pheasant in his Ford 1172cc at Quarry Curve in the Settlers Day Races 2nd September 1957.

















    Bruce Johnstone in his Volvo Special negotiating Angels Angle at the Easter races 1960. The car was formerly the Climax-engined Speedy Engineering Special constructed and driven by Doug Serrurier. Its design was based on a Maserati 250F.

    (Image Rob Young)














    John Wilson in his TR3 Brausch Niemann in the Lotus 7.Circa 1962.














    Drivers John Abrahams / Peter de Klerk, Chevron B19 in the 6hr 3rd April 1972.

















    Earl Browning with his special pre race at the pits circa 1954.




















    Rod Kinsey getting very wet 1968.

















    John Truter and Keith Berrington-Smith shared this car in the 1969 9hr. finishing 12th. John finished 4th in the 1969 3hr. John and Keith finished 2nd in the 1970 6hr. John also finished 3rd in the Azalea 90 min. race.














    The Lola-Climax just after winning the 1963 6hr race, driven by Gert Coetzer and Henri le Roux. (Image courtesy of Rob Young)















    Start of the 10 lap 16 mile scratch race with Harry Pierce(18) MG 1350cc Special leading Doug Serrurier(20) Climax Special followed by V.Proctor(26) Coventry Climax then A.W.McCleod(10) MG 1250cc

    M.N. Hucheons(14) MG 1250cc Special National Easter races 1958.















    Helmut Menzler in the Lotus-Borgward entering the pits 1961.

    (Image courtesy of Rob Young)

















    Peter Woolridge, he put a dry sump motor into the Dart and Tony Claassens won the Natal Sports Car Championship.

















    John Truter pushing the Dart hard up Beacon Hill.



















    John Rowe in Jack Holmes Ecosse.

















    Lawson Motors Volvo Barracuda.




















    John Rowe Dart-Peugeot and Wildman George Rees in the Dart-Anglia at Angel’s Angle September 1962. (Image by Tony de Wijn)



    Kieth Berrington-Smith in his Alfa Powered Dart 1968.
    John Rowe in the Chevron B19 being chased hard up Beacon by Keith Berrington-Smith in Jack Holme's Ecosse in the 500km race 23rd April 1973.
    A unusual image from BP to Beacon up to the Sweep is Jack Holme leading Kieth Berrington-Smith at the 500km race 23rd April 1973.







    John Rowe in the Chevron B19 being chased by Keith Berrington-Smith in Jack Holme's Ecosse followed by Chappie Wicks in the Chevron B8 at the 500km race 23rd April 1973.











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