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Roy Heskeths MGR3 at Ladysmith circa 1938. (Courtesy of Michael Compton)

























MGR3 Piercy VSCC April 2007. (Courtesy of Michael Compton)


























From left to right Roy Hesketh, Noel Horsfield and Erich Schroenn. DJ Run 1935.







































From left Roy Hesketh and W.A.F �Billy� Mills in 1937. Roy Hesketh is resting on Mills 1936 SAGP sixth-place �Pyroil Special� and Mills on his Aston Martin Ulster 1.

(Courtesy of Denis Mills)

































Mills Garage on Commercial Street, the centre of much of the early motorsport action in Pietermaritzburg.

(Courtesy of Denis Mills)







































































































































































































Names of some of the competitors at the Roy Hesketh Circuit. Image taken in 2012


















Roy Hesketh Circuit in 2012.






















W.A.F Billy Mills a noted motorcyclist in the 1920s until a bad accident in Pietermarizburg ended that pastime in the Plymouth based Pyroil.

(Courtesy Denis Mills)









 The Pyroil was rebuilt in 2008 by his grandson Greg Mills.

(Image by







#105 Ago chased hard by Kork on the ex Errol Cowan air cooled Kawasaki HIR 1970 SATT






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Mini Stunt Drivers at the Royal Show PMB 1970

(All image courtesy of Lez Bromfield)


























The bravest stunt ever: Lez Bromfield driving John Wilson the well known sports car driver on the roof dreesed only in his underpants and crash helmet. ( Its true!) holding on with his bare hands as the car smashes through a wall of fire. John�s right bare leg can be clearly seen sticking out the rear of the picture! The bravest (not the smartest stunt) ever seen in PMB. John was treated for minor burns of neck and other body parts.

The Royal Show PMB May 1970

(Image courtesy of Lez Bromfield)




























Testing to see ramp height need to go on two wheels Lez Bromfield on his knees far right.

















The Mini Rodeo Stunt Drivers ~ Harry Vosper, Lez Bromfield and Colin Dove 1970.



































Rare original painting by SA artist Dave Harriss depicts a tricky two wheel cross over stunt by point man Colin Dove and Lez Bromfield

performed without safety gear or crash helmets in cars in standard show room trim PMB Royal Show 1970.










Mini stunt driver Harry Vosper and Colin Dove at the PMB Royal Show 7 May 1963.

(Image from the Natal Witness)