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    The South African Springbok Championship Series was a sports car racing series based in Southern Africa. The series ran from 1966 until 1973. The series was cancelled after two rounds of the 1973 season due to the Oil crisis, and never returned. The series' signature event was the Kyalami 9 Hours. The series was frequented by European teams and drivers, as it took place in November and December after the World Sportscar Championship and Can-Am seasons. The image below is the start of the South African Springbok Trophy Series Round 5 3hr at Roy Hesketh 27th December 1969.


    1st John Love-Lola T70 Mk.3B GT Chevrolet#1

    2nd Joubert / Taylor-Chevron B8 BMW#19

    3rd Digby Martland-Chevron B16#17

    4th John Truter-Bramhill

    5th Tony Claassens-Lola Mk.1

    6th Jack Holme-Chevron B8#20

    7th Markham / Wingels-BMW 2002 Ti

    8th Alderton / Conchie-Alfa Romeo GTA#45

    9th Des Zank-Lotus 23B

    10th Basil van Rooyen / Eddie Keizan-Alfa GTV#34

    11th Clive van Buuren / B. van der Merwe-Porsche906 #21

    12th Chris Clegg-Renault R8 Gordini

    13th Malcolm Guthrie / Paddy Driver-Ford GT40#8

    14th John Rowe-Ecosse

    15th Ray Emond-Vauxhall Viva GT #16

    16th John Fritelli / Ritche Jute-Alfa Romeo GT Sprint

    17th Chappie Wicks-Renault 8 Gordini

    18th George Lowe-Renault Alconi


    Mike Hailwood / Malcolm Guthrie-Mirage M1 Ford #3

    Did not finish

    Mike De Udy-Lola T70 Mk.3B GT Chevrolet #7

    Peter Dykins / Mini Cooper S #18

    Chatz / Clapham-Volvo 142 S #35

    Andrew Martin / Christine Beckers-Alfa Romeo Berlina

    Did not start

    Doug Serrurier / Jackie Pretorius-Lola T70 Ford #4

    Walker / Widdows-Ferrari 330 P4








    John Love in the Lola T70 Mk.3B GT Chevrolet chasing Denis Joubert Chevron B8 BMW out of the exit of BP into Beacon in the South African Springbok Trophy Series Round 5 3hr 27th December 1969 (Image by Mike Grant's wife Mary)







    Mike de'Udy T70 Mk3B. On the Hesketh back straight showing the trade mark air venturis on the roof to cool the cockpit in the South African Springbok Championship Series 1969. Mike retired due to a crown wheel & pinion failure.












    Lola T70 Mk3B.Mike de'Udy and Frank Gardner raced this and won the 1969 South African Springbok Championship Series The car posted three first place finishes and seven other podium finishes. In the spring of 1970 it was entered in the 24 Hours of Sebring with Mike De Udy and Mike Hailwood driving. It retired with a blown engine. In their third outing at Vila Real Portugal, Gardner set a lap record of 104 MPH and finished second overall. It was later leased to Solar Pictures (Steve McQueen�s company) for use in the movie �Le Mans�. The air venturis on the roof (see image above) are no longer on the car. (Image taken at the Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance Florida 2013)





    Volvo'success started in 1958 when Francis Tucker, one of the main movers behind the establishment of the Kyalami circuit,and Michael Renton won the index of performance in the six hour race at the Roy Hesketh circuit in Natal province, while 544s also featured prominently in the results of the Nine Hour and the other endurance races during the 1958, 1959 and 1960 seasons.

    Volvos did extremely well in the 1965 Springbok Series. Arnold Chatz won the index of performance category of the Natal Three Hour race, with Dirk Marais in a 544 Sport finishing second. Chatz, partnered with Dave Clapham, finished second overall behind a Porsche and second on index during a six hour race on the same Roy Hesketh circuit in 1966.

    Marais and Wingels won the index of performance of the 1966 Nine Hour, finishing seventh overall. Wingels and Chatz teamed up for the 1967 Springbok Series, winning the three hour races at Cape Town�s Killarney circuit and Roy Hesketh on index. Chatz teamed up with Spencer Schultze, a Formula 5000 driver, for the 1968 Nine Hour, winning on index.








    Frank Wingel's Team Lawson Volvo 122 S 6Hour March 1964.


    Frank Wingel's Team Lawson Volvo122 1970.
















    Right. Peter Markham in the Team Lawson Volvo 122 S using ever bit of the track through Quarry during the 6hr Natal Easter Races 1964 He finished 5th with co driver Frank Wingles













    Left. Frank Wingels lifts wheel at Angel�s Angle in the Natal Production Car Championship 1968
















    Glassport Motor Company (GSM) was a South African motor manufacturer based in Cape Town between 1958 and 1964. They produced the Dart and Flamingo sports cars. The name Glass Sport Motors is due to their use of fibreglass. GSM narrowly missed being South Africa�s first sports car maker, beaten by the GRP Protea. A Dart, Flamingo and Protea can be viewed at the Franschhoek Motor Museum in South Africa.





    The Dart was GSM's first production model. The car used a variety of engines including Coventry Climax and Ford Anglia 100E and 105E units fitted into a ladder type chassis with transverse springs at the front and coil springs at the rear. Cars had a glass fibre open two seat body fitted, but a hardtop was later available which had a reverse slanted rear window which later Fords also exhibited.












    The Flamingo coup� was produced by GSM from 1962. The original intention was to use a forthcoming Ford V6 but it did not appear in time and so it was initially powered by a 1.7 litre Ford Taunus engine and later by the 1.5 litre Ford Cortina non crossflow engine.










    The front suspension replaced the transverse leaf springs of the Dart with two wishbones compressing Mini rubber cones, and later small coil springs. The rear was cleverly designed to stop one wheel spinning faster than the other under power through the use of different trailing arm setups on each side. The images are at the Roy Hesketh Circuit in March 1964. Piet van Niekerk/Don Philp(2) & Denis Joubert /Peter Gough(8)The Flamingo�s were very special prototypes (2) was powered with a Lotus twin-cam engine and (8) a Ford V8 engine.

    (Images by Michael Compton)


















    Bobby Olthoff in his awesome Ford Fairlane going through Beacon 1969.





















    The real Mckoy! Bobby Olthoff's

    in his very fast Galaxie 1967.

























    Brian Mackenzie in the Escort 1600GT leads Robert Young Mini Cooper S. 1977.

    (Courtesy of Rob Young)





















    A 'moment� at BP Bend � the Mini of Johnny Pienaar & Tony de Wijn 1967 Six Hours (Courtesy of Rob Young)





















    Fernando Faria (Alfa GTV) leads John Truter into Angel�s Angle, 1977.
















    Two Group 1 cars at Angels, 1977



















    Circa 1978 Doug Wallace in his Manufacturers Challenge V8 Chev.






















    Clive van Buren in his Porsche 906 April 1968. (Courtesy of Michael Compton)
























    Caption needed, can you help identify them.





















    Ray Emond and the Chevy Can Am 1973.

    (Image donated by Grenville Manton)























    Basil van Rooyen taking the Chev Firenza with a 5lt V8 through Beacon 3hr endurance 1973.





















    The Dickie Dale 3 Hr, 27 December 1966.



















    Jody 'Sideways' Scheckter in the 1300cc Renault R8 through Beacon. 1969

    (Note the tyremarks on doors)



























    Paul Hawkins burning rubber in his Lola T70 Ford at the star 3hr race 27th December 1965.



























    Renault R8 of Bob Mortimer's Circa 1972.























    Ralph Chadwick in his awesome Beetle.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)

























    Tony Claassens farming at Beacon in the Peter Woolridge Perana Capri 1973.






















    John Truter in the Horner Spider 3Hr 1971.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)






















    Jorge Leite in his potent BMW 2002 exits the Sweep 1978 (Courtesy of Rob Young)























    de Klerk-D'Udy Porsche 904 - 1966.























    Caption needed, can you help identify them.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)

















    Gordon Briggs Anglia followed by Rob Youngs Mini at Angels Angle.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)















    Alfa GTA of Basil van Rooyen and Peter Gough in the Escort.
















    Alfa GTA of Basil van Rooyen.
















    Denis van Blerk in the Renaullt(55) leading

    Ian Smiths Mini Cooper 'S' Natal Winter

    Races 1970 (Courtesey of Ivan Butterfield)















    The Renault Gordini of Ian Thomas being

    challenged by Chris Rowe-Wilson in the Vauxhall Viva GT(C16)























    Epstein Ferrai LM. Natal 3Hr 1965






















    Names of some of the competitors who raced at the Roy Hesketh Circuit in 2012.


















    Garth la Reservee 1972.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)















    Chappie Wicks in his very hot 1640cc Ford Prefect leaves the road coming out of Angel's Angle during the invitation race for Sports and GT cars. August 1966.




















    Peter Gough in the Cortina and Basil van Rooyen in the Mustang.

























    Chris Rowe-Wilson in the Vauxhall Viva GT.























    Luki Botha Elva Porsche 1967.




















    Basil van Royen and Burford M10A,

    Charlton(5) Chevron B19 1971.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)





















    Peter Dickens Arden fuel injected Mini Cooper 'S' with the Renault Gordini of Chappie Wicks behind.



























    Denis Nicholas Botha in his Mini which gave him the championship in 1979.






















    Kempster Kingsleas Viva GT. Driven by Ray Emond Circa 1969. Nigel Owen the webmaster of this website was part of Kempsters racing team back in 1969 and 1970.

















    Caption needed, can you help identify them.




















    Trevor Lewis & Peter ter Wolbeek Peugeot 203. 6 hour race 1966.






















    Brian Raubenheimer in the ex Steenkamp Opel Rekord follwed by Libero Pardini in the Valiant then the Volvo 122S of Frank Wingels and Louis de Jager in the Anglia.
















    Chris Row-Wilson leads in the 2.5 Chev Firenza, followed by the R10 of Garth la Reserve and Grenville Manton in the Viva GT.
















    The late Evan Boddy spinning out in his Renult Gordini

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)


















    Ray Emond and the Chevy Can Am.

    (Courtesy of Ivan Butterfield)



















    Caption needed, can you help identify them.

    Chris Rowe-Wilson in the Vauxhall Viva GT.



















    Caption needed, can you help.
















    Paddy O'Keeffe-Wilson Morris Mini,

    Caro-Thomas MGA Twin Cam (Black Mamba)

    6Hour 1960.

    (Courtesy Mike Compton)


















    MGA Twin Cam Group before Easter 6hour 1960. (Courtesy Mike Compton)
























    Barrie Thomas MGATC 6Hr April 1959. (Courtesy Mike Compton)




















    Scotty Greig and Barrie Thomas in the MGA Twin Cam at the Start of the 6hour

    race Easter 1959. (Courtesy Mike Compton)



















    Bernie Podmore in his Ford Cortina.

    Short Circuit Races July 1968.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)






















    Bernie Podmore, Lotus Cortina lifting two wheels at the Easter Races 1967.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)






















    Grenville Manton in his Vauxhall Viva

    GT heading for Angles. Circa 1974.   

    (Image by Keith Edwards)





















    Mike Grant leads in the Alfa followed by Howard Truter in the Escort and Dennis Botha in the Fiat. Circa 1971.





















    Tony Claassens leads in the Donald Motors Anglia. Cica 1971.























    Mike Ogilvie 27th November 1966.


























    The ex Tony Claassens Anglia driven by Grenville Manton lining it up on two wheels for Angels Angle. Circa 1969.




















    At least two passengers can be seen inside the leaning Morris with the front seat lady passenger holding onto the quarterlight while a taking a righthand bend during a speed trial in 1959.






















    Basil van Rooyen in his Ford Anglia 1965.




















    59. & 60.

    Koos Swanepoel with his Mustang and a quick start from Koos on Bernie Podmore in his Cortina 1963.

























    Koos Swanepoel in the Team Meissner

    Lotus Cortina 1965.
























    Cortina(18) and Ted Baines(9)

    6hr endurance race 6th April 1962.




















    R10's of Ian Thomas with the stripe and Rodney Glass chasing Viva GT of Tony Viana up Beacon 1974.




















    Peter Woolridge and Maurice Ford preparing the Tony Claassens Perana. circa 1973.

























    Ex John Truter. John Crookes owned 2.0 Alfa.



















    Tony de Wijn and Murray Irving in Mini Cooper S's appoaching BP Bend 1969

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)

















    From left, Don Bartlett (Cortina),

    Fanie Fouche (Toyota Corona),

    Clyde Alborough (Mini 1000)

    and Malcolm Kinsey (Anglia)

    Easter 1970.

    (Photo by Mrs Jill Kinsey)

















    Fernando Faria in the Alfa GTV 27th May 1973 (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)



















    A duel through Beacon with Fernando Faria leads Mike Grant and John Truter 1972.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)





















    Clem Everitt in his Ford Zephyr getting out of a spin, circa 1970s.

    (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)






















    Rob Thomas(38) in the Datsun and Nolly Limberis(27) in the Gordini 1973.

    (Image by Beau Young)

























    Escort 1600 GT of Leon Kruger

    (Image by Keith Edwards)

























    Louis de Jager's Ford Anglia 1964.

























    Tommy Drewett spinning in his Ford Anglia 1968.
























    Jeremy du Plessis in his Mini Cooper S 1972.




















    Headinging to BP Bend, Basil van Rooyan lead Tony Classens both in Perana Ford Capri's the two light coloured Cooper S�s are Robert Young (left) and Peter Dykins (inside) they were to finish behind the big V8�s. Circa 1972.


















    Chris Clegg (orange Gordini)

    Chappie Wicks (blue Gordini)

    Tony Claassens (GSM Dart)

    Les Hansen (red Fiat 124 Scorpion)

    Robert Young (yellow Cooper S)

    George Lowe (red Renault)






















    The Dodge of Wilson/Lamb going wide to let the Team Lawson Volvo's of Chatz/Clapham and Ford/Compton pass up the Sweep. Circa 1970.



















    Geoff Mortimer, Gordini(28),

    Tony Claasens, Anglia (30),

    Olaf Williamson Volvo,

    A.Giovannoni, Volvo.

    Start of the Dickie Dale 3hr. December 1966.

















    Henning Behr and Dennis Ford from Welkom B20 full engine race spec in the 6hr in the late 1960s. John Pienaar bought it after the race and used it on the road and for Regional Rallies in the Free State.





















    81. & 82 below.


    An iconic South African sports car the GSM Dart. This is Peter Woolridge's version driven by Tony Classens. Circa 1970. The same car below in 2013 now owned by Grenville Manton

















































    Sarel van der Merwe in the Manufacturers Challenge Kolbenschmidt Ford Escort Cosworth at the last Easter race meeting 1981.



















    The Gordini of Mike Ogilvie having contact with Dennis Botha in the Escort at the last ever Easter race meeting 1981.
















    Tony Claassens(W40) 1979.

    (Contribution needed for driver of #48)















    At the start Easter races circa 1968.




















    A Fiat 125 Scorpion in the pits Circa 1970.


















    Chris Rowe-Wilson in the Vauxhall Viva GT(C16)

    (Caption needed, can you help identify them)


















    Roger Harradine takes his Renault through Angels Angle. 1967.

    (Image courtesy of Robert Young)


















    Chev Firenza with a 5lt V8 and the Chevron B21 of Keizan-Hanson with a BDA at the 3hr endurance race 1971.


















    Chev Firenza with a 5lt V8 taking the Mazda S102A of Burford-Nieman on the inside at the 3hr endurance race 1971.



















    Leon Harmse in his Gordini on opposite lock through Quarry 1974.


















    John Edwards, Caption needed, can you help.



















    Potgieter, Tucker, Turner and Cockerell in the 6hr. 1959.




















    Basil Campbell in his Sunbeam Rapier 1963.



















    Sonny Tomson, better known as a top rally driver, in his VW. John Rowe Peugeot 203 on the inside and Geoff Mortimer Morris Minor at Quarry in the Easter saloon car race 1961. (Image by T. de Wijn)



















    Huxtable and Johnstone Volvo Sport

    rounding BP bend in the 6Hour 1961





















    The ultra quick Alfa of Andre Pieterse called Streepie at the Easter races 1961.(Image by de Wijn)


















    Basil van Rooyen in the Dod Perana being chased by Bob Oltoff in the Team Gunston Perana. circa 1975.



















    Mike Ogilvie in the Renault dicing with Clem Everitt in his Ford Zephyr, circa 1970s. (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)





















    Howard Truter in the ex Malcolm Kinsey Escort through Angels.

    (Image by Keith Edwards)
























    John Truter in the Campbells Racing Stable Healy 3000 out of BP and up Beacon.























    Grenville Mantons in his Chevy CanAm


















    The Rupert Gladwin and Willie Vlok Anglia leads the Mini 1000 of Tony de Wijn & Johnny Pienaar up Beacon Hill at the back is the BMW 700 of Graham Geoghagen and Owen Falck Six Hours 1967 (Image by Malcolm Kinsey)

















    The Natal Mercury International 3 Hour Endurance Race 1970. Redman(4)1st, Marko- Love(2)2nd,Holme-van der Merwe(5)3rd, McNicol-Ferguson(1)4th, Hailwood(3)DNF.

















    Bobbie Olthoff in the original Guston Perana





















    A moment at BP Gordin and Anglia.























    A rare shot of Sweep cica 1960s.






















    Bob 'Mugsy' Mortimer flat out in the R8.

    Chris Clegg in the Renault 12. Mike Tilston in Mini.

    Easter Races 1974.





















    Chris Clegg in the Renault 12 and Mike Tilston in Mini. Easter races 1974.

























    (Image by Richard Blundell)



















    Ray Emond in the Chevy CanAm V8

    (Image by Richard Blundell)




















    Giv and Andre Gemini in the Cooper S, coming out of Angels

    3hr Springbok Series 1970.






















    6hr race 1963.



















    6hr race 1963.




















    6hr race 1963.


















    Chev Firenza with a 5lt V8 and the Mazda(S102A) of Burford-Nieman 3hr endurance race 1971.








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